Re-Design Your Life and Career and Move Forward with Confidence


with Transformational Clarity Coach Jenni Glad

Break Through Your Limits, Step Into Your Power and Follow Your Real Desires Successfully

PRAISE "I had worked on some limiting beliefs for quite some time, but I couldn’t seem to get them out at the root. We worked on the subconscious and coaching to get to the root what was happening and then changed it. Jenni is a master what she does. The methods she's using, coaching and RTT, are super powerful and she is incredibly intuitive, loving and so experienced. Things shifted really powerfully for me, and the way that the world responds to me is super noticeable!" -Syl

Are you currently finding yourself…  

> Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and disappointed as you keep repeating the same cycle? > Stuck in your situation, having not been able to find a solution to change it? > Tired of battling with insecurities and doubts on what to do next and how to get started? > Feeling that working harder and doing more is not an option for you? > Drained - this struggling is affecting your finances, energy, confidence, and emotional balance?  


I know really well how hard it is, as I have been there, too.  

I was searching for my purpose and freedom but I kept waiting for the right time. All I wanted was to be me and follow my heart’s calling and real desires. I had no idea how to get started and get over my fears, which caused me a lot of struggle and resistance – I felt so trapped!

Does this sound familiar?

> All you want is to create a new foundation and start living on your own terms, feeling free to take action and move toward your desires and visions. 

> You want a meaningful career and life that fulfills your real potential and allows you to make a difference.

> Sometimes you doubt and wonder, why can’t you just be happy and satisfied with what you have… but the urge and longing for freedom and living a bigger life won’t leave you alone.

> You watch trainings, read books, and take courses trying to find a way to get yourself going and solve why you can't do what you want to do. 

> You never feel ready and have no idea when you will possibly find the time to make those changes without sacrificing everything you've worked so hard to achieve.

> Deep down, you know it's your fears that are holding you back and somehow it is you who is standing in your way.  

If you're saying "YES" then 6 weeks to Clarity - Conscious Creator is the right program for you.  

You can change your situation. What you want is available to you. The truth is it's your learned habits and subconsious blocks that hold you back and keep you stuck in your situation. When you change your beliefs and replace those self-limiting stories, and learn how to confidently connect with yourself and your true desires, you set yourself free to change your reality quickly.  

Find Freedom from Emotional Blockages and Become Your True Self in the Process. 

Hello, I'm Jenni. Here's my personal note for you.

I'm really happy you are here! That means you are ready to step into your power and confidently follow your dreams and desires. You are ready to make changes and a difference by being who you are and giving what you got without sacrificing everything. 

I am a Clarity Coach, Reiki Master, Rapid Transformational Therapist, hypnotherapist, and the founder of the Clarity Method. I specialize in helping people to heal their emotional wounds and inner barriers, get really clear on what they want in this phase of life, and make the needed powerful life changes from inside out - by changing the habits, mindset, energy, and beliefs. Glad is my real name and I bring joy to and lightness to everything that I do. Joy is the key to creating and manifesting the life of our desires.  

Before transforming myself after over a 13-year career in the IT and corporate world, I felt disconnected and struggled with an unhealthy lifestyle. Outside it all looked good, but internally I felt lost, trapped and like I had failed. 

I tried to force myself to keep going like that, but my inner calling didn’t leave me alone. All I wanted was a meaningful career, to become an entrepreneur, use my creativity, potential, and live a bigger life by doing what I loved.  

I wondered why can’t I just be happy and satisfied with what I had? Why can’t I do what I want to do? I was disappointed - is this really it? 

But I had no idea how to make the changes without sacrificing everything I had worked so hard to achieve. So I hold on tightly. 

My fears of the unknown and resistance prevented me from taking action until I faced burnout, disease, accidents, losing close people – and my fluffy illusions heart-wrenchingly broke.  

It is our responsibility to change our situation - no one else can do it for us. What you want is unique, as you are unique. You have the answers, what you need is clarity, courage, confidence and clear action steps. Get that energy going!

After all this, I realized I had created my obstacles and reality; it was not about them. Because I had created my situation, I had the power to change it and choose again. So I dedicated myself to finding out if it were possible to have it all, without knowing if and how it would all happen. I started healing myself holistically and passionately researched a different way of living and creating life.

Where you put your focus expands – and that applies to everything: focus on the good, connect with your desires and visions, and dare to dream big.

I re-designed my life and started creating it consciously based on my visions, thoughts, feelings, and intentions. The more I did what I loved and followed my inner wisdom the more content, free and fulfilled I felt - and the more the abundance, success, and love quickly flowed in my life. 

Soon I was able to leave my corporate job, work for myself, study yoga in Nicaragua, coach, write a book in Bali, start a blog, meet my soulmate and husband (which meant the world to me), move to New York, create an online business of my dreams and this was just the beginning… 

Changes and growing require consistency, effort and patience... the ability to let go and stop pushing harder and trying to force things to happen. 

I found my real purpose and passions during my transformation. Over the last seven years, I have studied coaching, the power of the mind, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, energy healing, and spiritual laws. I found my freedom, and now follow my unique desires and live a lifestyle that suits me. Today, I travel and work from wherever I am, while serving and helping others get unstuck and create their perfect version of happiness. 

Along the years, using and experimenting all this with myself and working with hundreds of clients, I found the Clarity Method: the tools and habits that help to reverse beliefs, emotional patterns, and energy to make powerful shifts. 

It's your turn to become the best version of you!

You can change your life and over yourself. Find your unique way of building a life on your own terms. 

Moving forward and growing your awareness and energy is a subtle shift that requires clear action and effort - that's what you will learn in Clarity: the keys to creating life consciously, staying aligned and enjoying every day.  

This program is everything that I would had needed in my own transition when I started healing. Become a Conscious Creator and start living an authentic life. I look forward to joining you on your journey of self-discovery and fulfillment - it'd be my greatest pleasure to guide you forward! Jenni xo

Conscious Creator is everything you need to know to grow

As an empowered, brilliant person you will overcome your inner fears and release those self-limiting stories and old wounds that stop you now. Get clear on what you desire and who you need to become to live your dream life and make a real impact. My gentle but sensible approach to self-leadership, productivity, and spiritual growth allows you to become the graceful, capable, and fearless creator who make things happen.


"I was able to change my perspective completely on who I am. I was a little bit control-freak and we worked to release it. Now I feel so much lighter in my everyday and feel fulfilled, even with the work that is always not that easy. Working with her made a powerful transformation in my life." - Colleen Geohagan


6 weeks to Clarity 

Create a new foundation and discover your inner power and your unique desires. To get the results you want, you first need clarity, then a specific plan to change it so you it's easy to follow through. 

We are combining the tools for spiritual and personal growth and the practical daily habits and mindset that anyone can bring into their life.

It doesn't matter whether you’re a struggling freelancer, a corporate professional, creative, established coach, consultant, entrepreneur, or mother... this is available to you too. 

How are we going to do all this?

What makes the Clarity - Conscious Creator program so unique, fast and such a powerful process is that I combine the powerful coaching methods, transformational techniques, energy work and deep meditations that will support and help you make the changes. 

This means you don't only learn how to change the blockages gently and firmly now and later, but how to lead and create life, your reality, by connecting with your powerful mind, feelings and your truth - consciously. You already do that today but often we are so unaware of our own efforts and thought patterns! 

We will talk about emotions, mindsets, and spiritual concepts and universal laws, but also how to deal with obstacles, recognize resistance and fears and how not let them stop you. 

On a very practical level, the program will show you what you can and need to do daily to make create long-lasting changes. You will learn to be more tuned into your instincts, intuition, and feelings rather than your ego-mind.  

The 6-week to Clarity - Conscious Creator is helping you to create a new foundation for your life. It includes teachings on the tools, methods, habits and best practices to let go of the blockages and emotional patterns and stay connected and aligned now, daily, and in the future. 

Each module includes the theory and the worksheet that you will use weekly. 

Clarity methods help you to change your lifestyle and make it happier, healthier, more successful and easygoing.

Learn the spiritual concepts and practical habits to flow; create and manifest life confidently and consciously, while staying connected and mindful when thriving towards your real desires. 

What's included

  •  6 live online video trainings with Jenni  
  •  Weekly Workbooks and exercises 
  •  Printable Clarity Planner  
  •  Transformational Meditation and Visualization Audios  
  •  Exclusive bonuses 


Module 1: Awareness

In order to make the changes, at first you need to see what is working and what is not. In the first module we will set the foundation and clarify your exciting goals for your path of 6-week self-discovery. We bring awareness to reveal the areas that need your focus now and help improve matters such as work/career, your habits, energy, social connections, relationships, money and finances - it’s all connected and it's often surprising what you will find, as you may not have had time to stop to see it. You will become clearly aware of your reality and routines, so that you can start closing the gap between where you are now and what you wish to achieve in the big picture. 

Module 2: The Habits, Feelings & the Power of the Mind

This module is all about how the mind works on a subconscious and conscious level. You will learn about feelings, emotions and limiting beliefs and how they can run the show if you are not running them. You first create your habits and then your habits create your behavior. You will learn about the tools and practices that will help you to start using the power of the mind, so that you can make conscious, better choices every day. When you change the inner language and start listening to yourself, your intuition (the voice within), you can shift your thoughts and mindset on the go, feel good about yourself and start creating the life you want to live.

Module 3: Courage & Confidence

Confidence is everything! You will boost your courage, self-esteem and get deep transformational insight to help you break free your personal glass ceilings, increase your self-esteem and have faith in yourself. Courage is not the absence of fear and anxiety, it's proceeding toward the set desires in spite of those feelings. You will learn how to take courageous action, face your inner fears and make things happen. 

Module 4: Abundance & Money

This module is all about receiving, self-worth, having an abundant mindset and releasing the blockages that don’t serve you but hinder your happiness. Stop avoiding your financial situation, know your numbers and decide how much you want to make. What is your relationship with money, what about your money goals, what is your number, your goals, how are your fees or salary? We delve into spiritual insights of creating an abundant life, and what it really means to attract and manifest things in your life; we go into the secrets behind the natural law of attraction and how to start using it. We will do deep transformational work to help you change your paradigm with success and abundance. Be ready to open your mind to a new, wider perspective and allow abundance to flow in all levels of life.

Module 5: Your Visions and Desires 

Redesign your life, create a new vision, and start heading towards it. Recognize your skillset, gifts or your secret hidden desires - what would really make you happy - and allow yourself to start pursuing what you want most. You have special skills and experiences that create your purpose and passion. Get to know and connect with your "why". When you know your passion, your motivation, and fulfill it, it fuels itself and keeps you going when you face problems or uncertainty. Prioritize and get clear on what is really important to you and how you can leverage your passions, gifts and skills.

Module 6: Self-Leadership and The Action Plan

While you have already learned to take action since day one of the program this module is all about creating structure so that you can follow your plans. All you need now is clear action steps. We can have all those beautiful visions and dreams but taking action with intention matters and moves you forward. In this module, you'll learn how to create structure, boost your productivity and keep your focus to lead your life forward and get things done every day - among all the other things. This will help you to stay unstuck, flow forward and feel complete every day as you follow your intentions and improve your performance. You will learn techniques to lead yourself, balance your personal and work life and accomplish your goals. You'll gain concrete guidance on what you can do now to create your future. It's not about controlling the chaos, but how to flow in it with ease and grace.

The Extra Bonuses 

  • Welcome & Get Ready Package

value $197 

  • Printable Clarity Planner & Guide 

value $39 

  • Access to the Visualization Workshop 

value $99 

  • Emotional Healing Process & Energy Balancing Guide 

value $379 

  • The 7 Daily Habits and Daily Rituals to Self-Mastery Guidebook & Videos

value $389 

  • Exclusive Access to private Facebook Group 

value $189 

  • 6 months membership to the Circle

value $290 

The Total Value of Bonuses over $1500  

(what you really get and learn is an invaluable possibility to start fresh - join now)


"I needed help with the procrastination and creative blocks that prevented me to expand! Working with Jenni was a profoundly amazing experience. She is very intuitive and was able to dig deep and keep the space so safe for me so that I could release my core issues and limiting beliefs. I am so much more driven, productive and creative!" - Ariel Viera

"Since I started working with Jenni I signed four new clients during the past month. I now attract what I need and money and abundance flows in my life. It's funny that I don't do anything differently but releasing the blocks shifted my energy and it clearly affects to outward abundance!" - Christina Tarantola

"When I was working with Jenni I was able to engage and touch the emotional patterns that I didn't even realize they were there. I connected to myself in heightened way, which was so impactful for me as I was able to release some stuffed nests and doubt in myself. It was super cathartic and real, serving my soul and mind. Jenni is light and love and you truly get what you see." - Tracy Litt

Join 6 Weeks to Clarity - Become a Conscious Creator!  


  • 6 live online video trainings  
  • Weekly workbooks and exercises
  • The 7 Daily Habits and Daily Rituals to Self-Mastery Guidebook & Videos
  • Emotional Healing Process & Energy Balancing Guide  
  • Printable Clarity Planner  
  • Access to the Facebook group 
  • Meditation and Visualization Audios
  • Access to a Vision Board Workshop


1 PAYMENT OF asfasdf

$397 USD

4 PAYMENTS OF (charged every 3 weeks)  

$111 USD

"I was suffering from a resistance to earning money. I now feel the block to earning money has been removed and I’m free to receive all the good that I desire. I have no guilt or shame in receiving money for the good things I do for people.” - Jody


What kind of results I can expect to see? 

If you do the exercises and are open to suggestions, you will feel lighter, more grounded and connected with yourself. You'll be excited about your own possibilities as you have shifted your mindset, have a clear picture and plan about the next steps, and have taken conscious action toward your goals starting the first week - it's a process! You will feel safe as you understand you can affect your situation and have the power to choose. 

Why should I join? 

You are tired of battling with yourself and feeling frustrated. You know you want to change your habits and reality, but you haven't been able to do that. 

6 weeks is a short time, what happens afterwards?  

You'll have access to all the resources and classes after the 6-week program. You will have created a foundation and will have the tools that you will keep using to create your life consciously. 

How can I make this work for me? 

Be willing to change and show up. Book time for working with the program. Reach out to ask for help - you are not alone with this. 

What if it doesn't work for me?

If you have done all the modules and filled out the workbooks but you still feel you haven't found it useful and got the results you want, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Who is this for? 

For anyone who is at the crossroads and wants to learn how they can affect and change their circumstances. Life is not difficult by default! This is about you and your life; no matter what you do, the Clarity Method is universal.

How do I get the access?

After you have chosen the right payment option for you (one payment or three payments every three weeks) and paid, you'll get the welcome email including the details of the first call and access the membership page where you will have access to the trainings and all resources. 

Join Clarity Become a Conscious Creator  


 $397 USD

4 PAYMENTS OF (charged in every 3 weeks)  

$111 USD

"I was feeling blocked in my ability to attract the perfect joyful work for myself, as well as material abundance. The experience was very deep and transformative. I believe that the issues and blockages I dealt with have finally been released from me and are gone for good. I am so grateful, and now feel very energized and hopeful about creating all the circumstances I desire in my life.” - Nancy

This is for you if...

· You want to get unstuck and finally say yes to freedom, abundance, and joy. 

· Feel the urge that there's something bigger and better that you still haven't experienced and achieved in life.  

· You are somehow blocking your own way and struggle with procrastination and excuses.  

· Are ready to know what you really want and follow your desires.

· Need structure, support, and guidance on how to change your habits, and step into your real power and potential.  

· Are committed to growing, putting in the time and effort, and making changes spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.


"I feel more compassionate and loving. I was able to reconnect with my self and identify some major subconscious issues, which were blocking me from achieving my goals of happiness and success. I was able to remember and understand past childhood experiences, which have adversely affected me in many areas of my life. I let go of the guilt and blame I carried for a long time." 

"I now better understand the human mind and I am able to figure out what is going on and be conscious of it, rather than flowing without direction and understanding. I was able to reconnect with my true self - physically, mentally and emotionally." 

"If we can’t communicate with ourselves then we don’t know what is going on in our body and mind...and if we don’t know this, then we are powerless and walking around on autopilot. I find it easier to get over the challenges as I now look at them as lessons being part of my journey rather than challenges that I can’t affect: Life is happening for me, not to me. Working with Jenni helps you to create the tools, which allow you to continue creating and growing on your own.”  

“Working with Jenni for just a short period of time has been life changing for me. She is incredibly intuitive. She took me through a hypnosis/meditation process where she asked me a series of questions, pointing out unhealthy patterns I have been replaying over and over again in my life. I was able to heal that part of myself that just didn’t want to let go of the unhealthy beliefs. I am now looking at it with a completely different perspective. It’s as if my blinders have been lifted. I am grateful to be working with such a gifted coach.” 

Still wondering if this is for you?

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